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Want to know what it's like to live in a Vacation Playground? Get Trapped on Vacation! All Theme Parks all the time! Disney World, Universal, Sea World and much more! Listen like you live here!

Thank you Bill Paxton, wherever you are.  A 2006 Flashback...



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This is where I tell you what's in the episode so you don't have to listen.

It's been 11 years & most of you already know what to expect.  Me rambling, some mediocre audio in a theme park, and Jonathan Coulton. :)


Have fun! 

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A quick and dirty "no-frills" podcast from the Magic Kingdom...  No frills and limited editing because I put it together when I was rushing to pack and hop on a plane to go to Disneyland...  (I'm typing this in Anaheim 12 hours later)

We go under the sea with our good friend Heather, and then sit in the shade and watch a parade in frontierland.

Have fun!

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This week we head back in time to visit the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour (yes, that's what I called it...) on its last day of operation. And then head to the MK to ride along with one of my new favorite Skippers on the Jungle Cruise! As an experiment, I recorded portions during my commute. Let me know what you think... I'm not sure if I like it, but I'm producing something.

Edited completely on Android.

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It's the First of May, First of May, Outdoor podcasting starts today!  Bring your favorite headphones, or at least your favorite play(er)!

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It's time for the quarterly episode of Trapped on Vacation!!!!!

This quarter we have big news, get patriotic at the Magic Kingdom, Head to a Galaxy not nearby, have a downhome good time, and meet up with an old friend or two!

I could say more, but then you wouldn't listen! 

As always have fun!

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It's a Christmas Miracle!!! 

Bringing you the first in at least two, possibly three very special Holiday episodes, we're back baby!

Join us this week as we head to Sea World Orlando to Celebrate Shamu's Christmas Miracle!

Lots of fun with myself, @Bleepin_wife, @littlesouvenir and 4mice+1 at Sea World's Family Christmas Party!

Have fun and I hope you enjoy it!

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Hi everyone!

Last month I went to Pixar Weekends at Epcot where Jay Ward gave a talk about the Character Design of the cars in Cars 2.

Since Cars 2 is opening tonight, what better time to share it with you!  Sure it probably would've been better to have posted last month, but oh well... ;)

Hope you enjoy it!

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TOV Mediocre Media is back with breaking news from the sports world! @littlesouvenir is taking the running world by storm in her first race, the Disney Royal Family 100m dash!

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Merry Christmas to al of you who are celebrating the Holiday!
And to all of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're having a wonderful day as well!!!
I have some special, wonderful stuff that I recorded on Christmas Eve! I'll be posting it as soon as I get it edited!
I'm not giving it away, but it's a Holiday event that only happens one night a year that very few people know about... It's also a tradition that I'm glad to have attended each Christmas Eve for the past seven years...
Disney Magic at it's best!
You'll hear it soon, I promise.
Happy Holidays everybody!
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