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Want to know what it's like to live in a Vacation Playground? Get Trapped on Vacation! All Theme Parks all the time! Disney World, Universal, Sea World and much more! Listen like you live here!
TOV is back and with a new edition to the family (who is sleeping and letting me record the episode...)

Come along with us as we join the Mouse Guest Weekly gang during the Mouse Guest Experience on one of our favorite attractions, and then hit Mickey's Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom!

Have fun and we'll see you soon!
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With less than a week before the baby is born, it's either now or never for Episode 124!!

It's another new year for Trapped on Vacation!  Whoda thunk I'd still be at this in 2009???  Not me, that's for sure!  Trapped on Vacation is the longest running completely non-commercial Disney podcast on the Internet, and I’m damn proud of that!  I'm also damn proud of the many friends that I've made over the years.  (That's you by the way...) 

My many friends are the #1 reason that I keep on plugging away.  While the episodes may be released a bit slower than at the start, I blame my friends for that... (that's you again!)  Between episodes I'm constantly distracted by all of you on The DPN, Twitter, Plurk, and of course playing in real life at Walt Disney World.  If I haven't met you yet, I'd love to meet you!  Drop me a line if you're visiting Orlando and hopefully we can hang out for a bit!  I've met most of my closest friends that way!!!

Speaking of closest friends, I had the pleasure of spending this episode with the Non-Podcasting Co-Founder of the DPN - BurntToast, who recently transferred from Disneyland to the Walt Disney World Resort.  We did they typical TOV anniversary things.  Although we sent you somewhere else for 1/2 of it. :)

Have fun, and thanks for 4 wonderful years!

BTW It wouldn't be a TOV anniversary if I didn't give a shout out to my friends Darcy & Holly from the  Darcy and Holly Show and The Screenless Switchers for inspiring me to podcast.  I blame them 100% for my insanity.  Thanks guys, you're the best!:)
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At the DPN's WestFest 2009, everyone seemed to exit Splash Mountain fairly dry. However one man was not so lucky. This is his story...
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Hi everyone!
This week I take in two of the oldest attractions at any Disney Theme Park, sort of...  They've both been updated over the years, one every 4 to 8 years, and one stopped being updated around 1994, but seemed to be updated semi-regularly before that.

Ten bucks says you've already figured out which attractions, but if you haven't just listen.  :)

Oh and musical interludes and Earlioke all over the place too!
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I'm back!
This week we head to WestFest 2009 in Disneyland as we get stuck on Pirates, and then I take you to my favorite parade of the year at WDW...
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Here is the 2nd ToV Mediocre Media Video Supplemental.

Check out our friends the smiling goat and Pipa the Recycling Can from Conservation Station, and the oddest looking anteaters ever!!!
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Hey everyone!
We're back with a quick episode before WestFest! (Visit for the schedule of events!)
This week was Earth Day, and Bleepin' and I visited Conservation Station and took in all of the festivities...  Of course environmental information booths make for horrible and not very entertaining audio, so we took in Grandmother Willow's Song of the Rainforest.  Since the audio booth is a binaural show, headphones are highly recommended for the full effect!

Of course this week is also the First of May, so you know what that means!!!
Jonathan Coulton FTW!!!

Have a great week, and We'll see you at DPN WestFest 2009!
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Hi everyone!
This week Bleepin and I take in 3 different shark related attractions at 3 totally unrelated Theme Parks!  Come along and enjoy as we take you to Epcot, Universal Studios, and Sea World!

Have fun!
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This has to be the coolest audio I've ever recorded!
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This episode was a ton of fun to record and put together!
Over the last few weeks, we've had quite a few visitors here in paradise, and this episode features some fantastic moments with our friends and family from The DPN and Twitter!

Join us as we take in three totally different attractions from three different Disney Parks... Test Track at Epcot with Auntie Lo and SilverJeeper, Kilimanjaro Safari with DisneyLeigh, and Splash Mountain with AnyaPhalange , PioneerHall, & the LilPioneer. 

I think it's safe to say that hijinks and shenanigans can be found all over the place... ;)

Have fun!

Note: AnyaPhalange doesn't count as a visitor...  she's a TOV regular!  :D
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Happy New Year (a months too late!)
This episode we step outside of the Disney Bubble and take in one of Central Florida's oldest attractions, Gatorland!
We had a great time with a bunch the DPN Crew, including Jeff from Houston, Q, Chris from the Big D Podcast, 4mice+1 Heather, DisneyLeigh, DragonStorm (from twitter), and of course the Bleepin' Wife and myself.
Basically this episode is just us tooling around and making fools of ourself feeding gators hot dogs, and watching Jeff & Chris feed some gators huge chunks of beef.

Bleepin' essentially planned this entire Gatorland visit on getting Jeff to feed the gators up close like I did in ToV71, if you know Jeff, you'll know that this is the complete opposite of his idea of fun....  If you want to know how it turns out, to put it lightly, THAT WAS FANTASIC! (Beauty and the Beast eat your heart out...)

PARENTAL WARNING - When it comes to this group,  if you put more than one of us within 5 miles of each other, we begin to curse like sailors (with the exception of Heather.) I have not edited language on this one. You have been warned!

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