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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!
Thanks to everyone who came out to Bleepin' Fest, MouseFest, and Podfest and said hello!!!  You're the best people ever!
We're heading to the Adventurers Club for the final Holiday Performance ever & continuing our Christmas Tradition of heading to the Adventurers Club on Christmas Eve.  I hope you enjoy it!

Have fun!
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Short and sweet episode this week.  I'm nursing a cold, and need some rest before Mouse/Bleepin'fest this weekend!

This week we head back to the AC again for the Adventurers Club Welcome Party in the Library.  This show was one of my favorite shows of the entire week.  Still brings a smile to my face! I hope it brings one to your too!

Have fun!  If you're around this weekend, be sure to say hi!

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Hi everyone!
This week's episode is in fact a team effort... The first 30 minutes, and 3 segments of the show were recorded by none other than the Executive Producer and Chief Financier of Trapped on Vacation, the Bleepin' Wife!
Go along with her as she ventures to The Mouse Guest Experience!  The attractions that you're riding along with her and the gang are The Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and finally the Goat Goat Goat event that she hosted on behalf of the DPN at MGE.  It was really great to meet everyone there, and thanks to everyone who introduced themselves to me while I was hiding by Toast.  :)

After Bleepin's Sheninagans we head back in time again to the final day of the Adventurers Club for the last Radiothon ever.

Have fun!

(Oh I forgot, there's a classic Earlioke at the end from ToV80!)
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It's the annual ToV Halloween episode!<br>
Ok, I know it's late.  But since Christmas keeps geting earlier every year, I see nothing wrong with having Halloween a little later.  I hope you agree!<br><br>
This week we head to the MK to take in a performance of HalloWishes as part of Fat and Happy 2008!  Then we head back in time a month and head to the Adventurers Club for one of their final Halloween Shows.  Then of corpse we head back to the MK for a performance of the Cadaver Dans!<br>

Happy Halloween everyone!  Boo to you!
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After dreading listening to my AC audio for three weeks, I finally put the headphones on again. It's still tough for me to listen to because of the flood of memories and emotions that it creates.
Instead of any more dedicated Adventurers Club shows, I'm going to split them up and pair them with unrelated Audio that I recorded this week, no archives, like I've always done.... Using multiple AC clips its too much for me to handle, and I apologize.

This week we hear my dear friend Sugar Snapp's final Maid Show and then head over to the place at Epcot where I got my start at WDW.
Have fun! Because we did!
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It's Thursday so I'm bringing you audio from last night, and the night before.
I know that I said that I was sticking to daily stuff, but decided to change my mind. Tuesday was Annelle, the French Maid's final performance, and Wednesday the same actor played Samantha Sterling. She's among our favoritest performers in all of WDW, and I think it's fitting that I play both of her shows in one episode.
Thank you Annelle!

(Side Note: It's funny how even the regulars call the french maids by their maid names even when they're playing someone else... It's just easier than using their real names, and it won't get anyone in trouble. Tonight Annelle's playing Samantha...)
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It's another night at the Adv Club... Starting things out is Tuesday's Radiothon. Great stuff as always! After that we head to the Hoopla for perhaps the best shows that I've ever seen in the library! There were a few moments where there wasn't a dry eye in the room! The show really highlighted the talent and diversity of the performers. Also many congratulations to the Adventurers Club Door Host, Kirk for reaching 20 years with the Walt Disney Company! Kirk received his 20 year pin in the middle of the show, which was great! Thanks to PI management for letting him celebrate this moment a week early. (That moment is the Album Art for this episode...)
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Hi all. It's the week that I've been dreading since the end of June. The Adventurer's Club is closing on Saturday, and there's nothing we can do but enjoy the last few nights. The Bleepin Wife and I will be there every night this week and I'll be posting the best audio that I recorded from each night. There may be repeats of Hooplas or Radiothons, but while the shows are similar, no two shows are ever the same. Hope you enjoy them. It's going to be tough for us to say Good Bye... Kungaloosh!
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Hi all!
I'm kicking off the 4th season of ToV the same way I do every year on Labor Day weekend since I got here in 1998:  Pirates and Pooh! (I explain why in the show...)

BTW - I've decided to go back to my roots.  Podcasting for me, with content taking priority over quality., if you like it cool.  If not then there's plenty of Disney Podcasts that take pride in their "Quality Audio" to listen to. 
Over the past year, I've lost my focus and a bit of my soul by worrying too much what people think.  F*ck that jazz. 
I started doing this show for me.  People liked it.  My numbers grew and that was cool.  I started worrying about my audio and improved my quality. My numbers grew even more, and I ignored the content. 
In doing so, I stopped having fun.  Other podcasts are businesses.  I'm not.  This is nothing more than a hobby for me...
So from now on, I'm focusing on fun, like I did when I started.  That may mean crappy audio because I'm not focused on monitoring my audio levels on my recorder.
If you stick around great!  If you don't, have a magical day!  ;)
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This week we beat the head in the Air Conditioned splendor of the HAll of Presidents! Do we need to say more???  Kick ice awesomeness all over the place!

This episode marks the debut of the Bleepin Wife Productions Vanity Card.  As "Executive Producer" (and I use the term loosely) Bleepin' wants to be just like Chuck Lorre who has a new vanity card at the end of Two and a Half Men.  Sometimes they relate to the show, sometimes they don't.  All the time they're pretty damn funny!  So check out the Lyrics Tab in iTunes info or keep clicking the middle button on your iPod until you see it!  Listeners on the web, subscribe, it's easy!  Non-iTunes people can probably see it too somehow since it's embedded in the ID3 tags of the mp3.  Just don't ask me how.  :)
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Hi all...
You've probably already heard that Pleasure Island and the Adventurers Club will be closing on 9/27.  They made the announcement on Friday night, so after we found out, Bleepin' and I went to visit the crew on Saturday.  We'll be heading there at least 1-2 times a week until the end of September, so we'll be sure to document the AC for your memories and ours.  Come along and join us for the annual Balderdash Cup competition!

It's both depressing and fun at the same time. 
I hope you enjoy is as much as we did/do/will.

I'm still figuring out my new recorder, so it may be a bit wonky at times.  :)
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I'm back from the NHL Playoffs!  Well I should say I'm finally off of my couch...  Go Red Wings!

This week we head back to Westfest for the "Watch the Bleepin' Goat! Goat! Goat!" meet on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, courtesy of John from Houston of the Meandering Mouse Podcast.  After that I hang out with my friend Princess Bella and her parents and see a couple attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Parents:  I dropped 2 F-bombs that I forgot about until I was mixing down the show.  One was 2 minutes in, when I was talking about the Red Wings, and one was right at the very end.  Since it literally takes 90 minutes for my Powerbook to mix and convert, I didn't have time last night to go back and bleep.  The rest of the show is 100% safe, just those two instances.  Sorry!

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<b>AUDIO FIXED!!!</b> You can actually hear the episode this time because I corrected the music levels!  Sorry about that!!!

This essentially is a remake of an earlier episode from 2005. :)

Join John from Houston, the Bleepin Wife, and myself as we take our first steps into the Disneyland Resort for DPN Westfest 08!

After that we hit the Matterhorn for ToV's Consecutive Coaster Series and fall down the rabbit hole on Alice in Wonderland!

Have fun!
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You know what's coming both because of the date and because I told ya last week! Happy First of May everyone! We're flying to DL at 6:30am WDW time! See you at Westfest! (and keep yer clothes on freaks!)
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This week for Episode 102, I do three things that I've never done before!

Sure I could give them away in this description, but where's the fun in that???

Trust me, it's a good time!

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Hey everybody!

This week I head to the MK and I take in three attractions.  Not everything goes right.  Sorry...


A quick note on the audio.  I've been experimenting with the binaural mic placement. Because of this my voice is a bit muffled in some spots.

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It's Episode 100!
Time to not Celebrate!
This week I take in "One Man's Dream" with Julie Andrews.
Oh, and I'm hanging out with Auntie Lo and Jeeper, just not in OMD.  ;)
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This week we head to Universal Studios and take in the all new
attraction, Earthqu...Ummmm... Disaster!  Christopher Walken kicks a$$! Then we do a taste test of Duff, and check out some guys in suits.

Oh and ponies!  :)

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This week is totally different from a "normal" episode of TOV, if there is such a thing as a "normal" episode...

This past weekend I went to the FX Toy Show at the Orlando Convention Center.  While I was there I happened to catch a Q&A Panel with George Takei (Kaito Nakamura), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), and Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob) from the cast of Heroes.  I know that a bunch of people who listen to ToV are Heroes fans, so this one is for them.  If you're not a Heroes fan, listen anyways because the guys basically talk about random pop culture as well.  Of course there's a running commentary by me and "ABC..."

Note:  The running commentary may contain unedited adult language and subject matter. THERE ARE NO "BLEEPS."  You have been warned.  :)

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This week we head to Epcot for the 15th Annual Walt Disney World Marathon.
Ignore the wind... it was windy (obviously...)

At Epcot we celebrate victory for many runners of the WDW MArathon and 1/2 Marathon, and those Goofy people who ran both, and also the insane people who ran the 5k, the 1/2, and the full marathon on the same weekend!!! (Seriously... WTF!?!?!)
While I'm there I come across some slacking custodial who think that they should take their break onstage counting down the seconds until they work again like they're beating on a drum or something. (Bad Show and Lazy! Plus sideways hats and whistles!!!)
After that I came up with a scenario to make the marathon even harder than it is!

I mention that I'm not doing Earlioke, but I lied. Earlioke is back and funner than ever! (forgive me!!!)
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Ok, it's January 6th, also know as Three Kings in many nations of the World, also known as the last legal day of the Holiday Season.
That can only mean one thing...
Earl's a slacker and waits for the last minute to do everything!!!

Come along as the Bleepin Wife and I (and the Bleepin' In-laws) hit the Adventurers Club on Christmas Eve! Ho Ho Ho!!!
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