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Want to know what it's like to live in a Vacation Playground? Get Trapped on Vacation! All Theme Parks all the time! Disney World, Universal, Sea World and much more! Listen like you live here!
I'm back after taking a week off for the Vacation Bridal Shower since my mom was in town.... This week I head to Epcot and catch some live entertainment with Mo'Rockin' in Morocco. After that I visit our neighbors to the North in the Circlevision 360 film, O'Canada. Have fun!
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This week, I wrap up the Trapped on Vacation 3D Film Festival.  I'm sad to see it go because that meant that I'll have to actually plan my shows again!  The good news is that I'll probably be knocking more stuff off of "Earl's List."  in the upcoming weeks/months.  So pull out your 3D glasses one last time, sit back and relax and enjoy Mickey's Philharmagic (starring Donald Duck...?) 

After that we head out of the Disney Bubble and into the alternate universe known as Islands of Adventure to ride Dueling Dragons.  Hold tight to all of your personal belongings, this here's the wildest ride in the medievalness!

As always, have fun!

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After some technical glitches, ToV 45 is finally up! This week I continue with the Trapped on Vacation 3D Film Festival as we hit Spiderman at UNiversal Studios Islands of Adventure. Then we investigate how the Mythos Restaurant can be the best Theme PArk Restaurant in the World if it's never open... After that we head to the Disney-MGM Studios (with a nod to Jeff from Houston with the travel directions) and hit Rock N Roller Coaster for a very interesting ride w/ no on ride audio and music... Then we wrap it all up on the Vacation Home Patio with a very Special Member of the DPN Family as he stops by with his Brother to visit after we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon. Have fun!
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Now some Schwarzeneggers had bellies with stars,
and some Schwarzeneggers had none upon thars.
I start off the show with a train in the air.
Next there's Schwarzenegger when you sit in the chair.
He seems to be near you when he says "I'll be back!"
Then I wrap it all up as I review Captain Jack.
On the ride with the captain who's from the Black Pearl
. Come along for the ride with with a Star Bellied Earl!

Music - Arnold by Paul Warner (from
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Pirates is in soft opening today, so I rushed over there after work and got some audio. That pretty much sums it up! This is an extra bit, and the regular show will be up by Monday morning as usual. Have fun!
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