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Hi everyone! This week I'm on vacation in Keystone, CO, and Jeff is on Vacation in Orlando at WDW... But through the magic of podcasting, Jeff's bringing us stuff from Disneyland, and I'm taking you to both Islands of Adventure and Tubing down a mountain in Keystone! For some weird and wacky reason, Jeff's segment has some compression that makes him a bit garbled. It wasn't like this when he sent it to me! Something happened with the compression that I really don't have time to fix here because I'm on vacation! (Please forgive me!) Have fun!
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As far as I know, I'm the first podcast to feature ride throughs from both Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Monsters Inc from Disney's California Adventure! I rode Everest last night during DAK Cast Previews, and Jeff rode Monsters Inc last week during soft opening.
So pull on your parka, open your closet door, and come along for the ride!
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Trapped with Bill Paxton This week we head (again) to Universal Studios to take in one of the worst attractions in Orlando, which happens to be one of my favorites because of the cheesy and horrible narration by Bill Paxton. Yep, be prepared to "Ride it out!" as I take you to Twister! Note: I used GarageBand 3 to create this enhanced AAC podcast with notes and images in the file. If you have problems listening to it, and aren't using iTunes or an iPod, let me know and I'll switch it back to an MP3.
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Hi my name is Earl and welcome to Trapped on Vacation! This week comes from IOA where you can get in free on Thursdays in January if your name is Earl! We attempt fo fulfill a request for Steve in England as we ride Spiderman at IOA. There's also some great audio from Jeff on Alice in Wonderland at DL, and some exciting news! Have fun!
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Happy New Year!!!!! This week I have a song that'll probably send me to Disney hell because of my horrible singing! I also talk about the AAA WDW Car Care Center and the Big Bamboo Lounge. We also hit the west coast again as Jeff rides Dumbo at Disneyland! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday season! We have a ton of stuff planned for2006! Thanks for joining in our adventure!
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