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Because it was my birthday this week I sat around the house and did nothing and loved it! So no new park audio this week, and that means that the 3D audio film festival is "paused" for a week. It'll return for next week's show because I'm heading out to play on Wednesday.
So this week I'm continuing my St. Augustine Ripley's Trip with some more messed up goodness. After that I pop back into the wayback machine and head to Episode 9 where I took in ET at Universal Studios. As quick reminder, I've included my ToV language policy that I laid down while wandering towards the Children's and ET area at USF. ;)
Congrats to DPN forum listener sbabs for winning the first ever Trapped on Vacation contest that no one even knew was happening! Back in the January 8th show I hid a message in the ID3 tags of the show that said "The first one to read this wins 5 Disney Dollars." It took 6 months, but someone found it! So you might want to read the tags because you never know if you'll find something cool! (Get Info under the File Menu in iTunes) I assure that the ducking and ending at perfect moments in my closing segment was unintentional. I just happened to pause and finish at exact the right times in the song to make it funny, so I left it in as is! (I always pop in the music into GarageBand after I rant so I never know how it's going to sound...) I was going to play the entire song over like I usually do w/o me talking, but the timing was just right so I didn't!
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This week is part one of Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in St. Augustine, and part 3 of the ToV 3D film festival. Looking at the title, guess where we're going. Anyways it's late and I have to be at work at 7:30, so I'm going to bed. I might more add to this post tomorrow, I just need sleep now! Edit: Fixed the link! That's what happens when you post when exhausted!
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This week we take a take a look at Walt's predictions for entertainment and communication for 2006. After that we head to Universal Studios to take in our third movie in our 3D series, Shrek 3D. Shrek also happens to be my favorite out of all of the 3D movies in Orlando. It's just well done, and the detail in the queue is both well done and hilarious!
At the start, I promise audio from our trip to Ripley's Believe it or Not in St. Augustine, but I ran out of time and just tossed in a teaser at the end of one exhibit. I hate it when my shows are longer than 40 minutes. So I'll toss in more from Ripley's in the future. ;)
Links: BoingBoing Walt's Letter (PDF)
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This week was both fun and relaxing at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Since I did MuppetVision 3D last week, I decided that I'm going to make a series of it and feature all of the 3D movies in Orlando over the next few weeks! So of course this week we took in It's Tough to Be a Bug! After that the Vacation Fiancee <-(see two E's!) and I wandered aimlessly around Animal Kingdom and the Pangani Jungle Trek. I hope you enjoy it, I had fun making it. Wandering aimlessly around DAK is among my favorite things to do. DAK isn't about the "attractions", it's more about what's between point A and point B.
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