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This show was originally recorded on Christmas Eve at the Adventurer's Club at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island. I've been going to the AC as a tradition since 1998 when I first moved to Florida. Our current group of friends and family has been going for four years. Hopefully after listening you'll see why! This is most likely my last Holiday show and I'll be returning to my normal mish mash of randomness next week! Hope you all have a happy New Year... Have fun!
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Merry Christmas to al of you who are celebrating the Holiday!
And to all of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're having a wonderful day as well!!!
I have some special, wonderful stuff that I recorded on Christmas Eve! I'll be posting it as soon as I get it edited!
I'm not giving it away, but it's a Holiday event that only happens one night a year that very few people know about... It's also a tradition that I'm glad to have attended each Christmas Eve for the past seven years...
Disney Magic at it's best!
You'll hear it soon, I promise.
Happy Holidays everybody!
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I meant to pop this up earlier in the week, but due to Christmas Shopping, I got delayed! But it's still earlier than normal...
This week we see Epcot's Candlelight Processional. I included some but not all of the music due to the fact that you can purchase the CD at Epcot. We love Eartha Kitt!!!
After that is the Holiday portions of Illuminations! Walter Cronkite's voice gives me chills every time!!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!

*UPDATE* - It wsa pointed out that the Candlelight portion was 80% left channel. I fixed it so it's equally balanced... Sorry about that!
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Wow! The Holidays are in full swing around WDW! This week we travel to the Country Bear Christmas Show, then experience a bit of Epcot! Jeff also takes us along for a ride on the newly reopened Space Mountain at Disneyland! Oh, and of course there's beer! Can't forget that!
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In this episode I hung out with folks in town for Mousefest 2005 and RADP 10. We went to the Ft. Wilderness Campfire Sing-a-Long and then to the Electric Water Pageant on the shore of Bay Lake. Note: The Campfire Sing-a-long is cheesy, yet just what you'd expect from a campfire sing-a-long, so it's fun! I edited the songs down to easy to listen to chunks since the sing-a-long is 30 minutes long. Plus Jeff wraps up trip #1 at DL!

Show Links:
Music: Michael Andrew and Swingerhead
Don't forget to donate an unrwapped toy for a child in need at Toys for Tots or a similar organization.
Have fun!
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