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Hey! I'm back and exhausted!
Before Mousefest I said that it was just another typical week here at WDW for me.
In a way it was since I had to work, but then again in a typical week I we usually spend about 6.5 hours playing in the Parks.  This week we spent more time playing than I did working, and I still worked my usual 40!

Thankfully the DPN Cool Kids are gone and I can get back to normal...
This week I give you my thoughts about Mousefest as I go thru the day by day, and wrap it up with the DPN More Fun than watching Plants Grow ride on the Land Boat Ride (Living with the Land)
Have Fun!

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Hey!  This week The Bleepin Wife, Mimi (remember her?) and I head on over to one of the oldest (and newest) attractions  in Central Florida, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.  If you have an annual pass to any theme park, you can get into Cypress Gardens for free up until December 24th for as many times as you'd like!

We had a great time and would highly recommend the park to anyone who wants a break from the norm.  It's very quaint, I mean incredibly quaint.  So take yer Disney AP over there and relax!

If you head on over to the DPN forums (you know the address by now!) there's a special added bonus feature over there in the ToV forums.

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Woot! I'm back after a short haitus in Tallahassee (it was a good time if you're wondering...) WONDERS OF LIFE IS OPEN!!!!!!! So of course on day one (Sunday) I was there. Come along and learn where babies come from in the Making of Me, and then after you make a baby, 12 years later that baby grows up to be a child of the 80s in Cranium Command! Ok so the two attractions aren't really connected, but in my world they totally are! I learned a lot in the Making of Me... I'm so immature! Special guest is DrDuck and family from the DPN forums! (Great people!!!) As always, have fun!
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This week we feature el Rio del Tiempo (the Mexico Boat Ride) with commentary by the Meandering Mouse, the Bleepin' Wife and myself. After that I discuss the joys of podcasting and meeting new people when they come to Visit WDW.
As a Speicla Request (not really...) I revisit one of the most disturbing areas in the Orlando area: The Old Town Wax Museum and Tower of London Experience.
My actual review of Finding Nemo the Musical is at the very end of the show. I played the audio on Thursday, but really didn't say anything!
Have fun!!!
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This week the Meandering Mouse, the Bleepin' Wife, and I headed to Disney's Animal Kingdom to take a preview of Finding Nemo the Musical! Here'e the first glimpse, binaural recording! For a different perspective, check out the Meandering Mouse Podcast as well.
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Hey everyone!
This week the Bleepin Wife and I hit the Magic Kingdom and take in a couple Classic Attractions, Snow White's Scary Adventures and Splash Mountain.

After that I join up with Jeff from Houston from the Meandering Mouse Podcast and have some fun around Epcot during the last week of the 11th Annual International Food and Wine Festival!
As always, HAVE FUN! I know we sure did!
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It’s the Trapped on Vacation Halloween Spooktacular! 

This year there’s no Treehouse of Horror, and no Hall of Dead Residents.  My skin is still crawling from last year’s visit!  However I have Halloween treats up the Wazoo!


This week join the [censored] Wife and I as we experience a special Disney Spooky Experience for the first time ever! (Thanks to DPN Forum Member Artjaro for the suggestion!  After that The Vacation Fiancee (we weren’t married when she recorded it) fulfills a listener request and heads to The Bill and Ted show at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios!


Note:  The first half of the show is G rated at Disney, but the Bill and Ted Show is about the same rating as South Park, with strong language (A words and B words but no F words) and slightly offensive, but funny content!  Parents use discretion, I actually warn you before, so you have plenty of time to hit Pause. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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I'm back!

This week we head to St. Augustine to explore the Fountain of Youth, then take a trip on the Seas with Nemo and Friends, and we wrap it all up with a ride on a Classic Carousel (with a special announcement.) 

Have fun!


Window to the Magic


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This week we head to the 11th annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.  Performing as part of the Eat to the Beat Series was Starship, either one of the best, or one of the worst bands of the last 20 years depending on your point of view.

This is probably among my favorite episodes to date, not because of the content, but because of that fact that the Vacation Fiancee and I had a great time listening, watching, and especially making fun of the Band.  Usually I don't listen to the entire show when I finish, but I had to listen to it all the way through once I started because I couldn't stop smiling!

The first song has loud levels, and I noticed it while recording, so when the song finished I stopped recording and lowered the levels a bit, so the rest of the set sounds much better!

Due to time constraints, I did little editing or cutting, and no bleeping whatsoever.   I really don't remember using any foul language, however the VF and I discussed some adult topics in regards to groupies of 80's bands.


Music at the end is by "The Chicken Nuggets"  you can find them on iTunes!

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Hey everybody I'm back!

Took a week off due to my trip to Michigan (and a few other personal reasons...)  

This week I have some Audio from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) that I took when I landed.  Then I head over to Sea World and I take in the program that replaced Budweiser Beer School:  The Brew Masters Club.  What a great time!!!

I wrap it all up with a quick review of the International Food & Wine Festival, and I do mean QUICK!

Have fun!  Although if you're under 21, legally you can't listen.   However if you listen quick when the bouncer isn't looking you might just get away with it.  Slam it!!

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Hi all,

Come along as the VF and I hang out at Ron Jon's Cape Caribe Resort in Cocoa Beach, then we head to Epcot to take in a set of Mariachi Cobre.  After that it's all about the World Famous Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Please note:  Because of my "pseudo-Vacation" last week, and my vacation to Michigan for the pre-wedding reception this weekend,  this show and next weeks show will be minimal.  The wedding's coming up quickly, and there's not going to be a ton of time to sit back and put the podcast together, so bear with me!  I'm still planning on doing something every week, just not a ton...Thanks!

Music:Vampire Beach Babes - Gothic Surf-a-Rama

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This week is the Trapped on Vacation 8th anniversary special! On September 7th 1998, the adventure began, and I continue it this week! Come along with me as I wander around Epcot, take you to the Tiki Room, and then take in a set of teh British Invasion for Mr. Mark! Have fun!
Beatallica - Hey Dude
Jimmi Jammes - Sgt. Pepper's Paradise
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I can't believe that it's been a year since I began, but it's Trapped on Vacation's First Anniversary!!!

Join me along with a cavalcade of celebrities, guest stars, (and John) as I count down the Top 3 (and more) Moments of the first year of ToV as voted on by a ton of listeners.  I had a great time putting this show together, and I hope that you enjoy it! 

Thanks again to everyone that made this show possible, and of course to every single listener who has stuck with me for so long!  You're the best!

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Hi all... just a quick little thing this week.
My iRiver died last week, so I had no new content. A new one should be here Tuesday, so that's good. Basically I'm sending out a request to ALL OF YOU to send me anything you'd like for the ToV anniversary episode next weekend (Deadline is Friday 9/1)
Mainly I'm borrowing a page from Ricky and Skipper Ben's book on Inside the Magic and asking you all for your top 3 ToV moments of the first year...
So start emailing me, calling me, sending me mp3s or leaving forum posts. Any way you want to reach me is fine with me, as long as you reach me!
Thanks everyone!

Inside the Magic
Closing music: Diedre Flint, Epcot USA
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This week we head to the Disney-MGM Studios for the last week of Who Wants to Be a MIllionaire? PLay it! and then thanks to Brian, we hear a bit of Bjorn Again, a Tribure to Abba from Epcot. Have fun
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Sorry for the delay this week everyone! (See the post on the DPN that explains why...) This week we take a break from the Florida Summer heat as we enjoy all of the water rides at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. The audio on Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges and Dudley Doright's Rip Saw Falls was taken in a waterproof bag. That means no binaural goodness, but the Jurassic Park segment had the good mics. (JP usually doesn't get as wet, but you can hear some staticy sounds at the end where a tiny drop of water got on the mic...) Hope you have fun and stay cool!
Music inspired by the park...
High Expectations/Low Results

High Expectations/Low Results

Friendly Fire Recordings

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This is my favorite type of episode... Lotsa hanging out and having fun! We hit the Magic Shop at Universal Studios, and then watch Universal 360, the new nightime "spectacular" over there. Hope you have fun! Links: MiceCast Jonathan Coulton (Played at the end!)
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I'm back after taking a week off for the Vacation Bridal Shower since my mom was in town.... This week I head to Epcot and catch some live entertainment with Mo'Rockin' in Morocco. After that I visit our neighbors to the North in the Circlevision 360 film, O'Canada. Have fun!
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This week, I wrap up the Trapped on Vacation 3D Film Festival.  I'm sad to see it go because that meant that I'll have to actually plan my shows again!  The good news is that I'll probably be knocking more stuff off of "Earl's List."  in the upcoming weeks/months.  So pull out your 3D glasses one last time, sit back and relax and enjoy Mickey's Philharmagic (starring Donald Duck...?) 

After that we head out of the Disney Bubble and into the alternate universe known as Islands of Adventure to ride Dueling Dragons.  Hold tight to all of your personal belongings, this here's the wildest ride in the medievalness!

As always, have fun!

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After some technical glitches, ToV 45 is finally up! This week I continue with the Trapped on Vacation 3D Film Festival as we hit Spiderman at UNiversal Studios Islands of Adventure. Then we investigate how the Mythos Restaurant can be the best Theme PArk Restaurant in the World if it's never open... After that we head to the Disney-MGM Studios (with a nod to Jeff from Houston with the travel directions) and hit Rock N Roller Coaster for a very interesting ride w/ no on ride audio and music... Then we wrap it all up on the Vacation Home Patio with a very Special Member of the DPN Family as he stops by with his Brother to visit after we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon. Have fun!
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Now some Schwarzeneggers had bellies with stars,
and some Schwarzeneggers had none upon thars.
I start off the show with a train in the air.
Next there's Schwarzenegger when you sit in the chair.
He seems to be near you when he says "I'll be back!"
Then I wrap it all up as I review Captain Jack.
On the ride with the captain who's from the Black Pearl
. Come along for the ride with with a Star Bellied Earl!

Music - Arnold by Paul Warner (from
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Pirates is in soft opening today, so I rushed over there after work and got some audio. That pretty much sums it up! This is an extra bit, and the regular show will be up by Monday morning as usual. Have fun!
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Because it was my birthday this week I sat around the house and did nothing and loved it! So no new park audio this week, and that means that the 3D audio film festival is "paused" for a week. It'll return for next week's show because I'm heading out to play on Wednesday.
So this week I'm continuing my St. Augustine Ripley's Trip with some more messed up goodness. After that I pop back into the wayback machine and head to Episode 9 where I took in ET at Universal Studios. As quick reminder, I've included my ToV language policy that I laid down while wandering towards the Children's and ET area at USF. ;)
Congrats to DPN forum listener sbabs for winning the first ever Trapped on Vacation contest that no one even knew was happening! Back in the January 8th show I hid a message in the ID3 tags of the show that said "The first one to read this wins 5 Disney Dollars." It took 6 months, but someone found it! So you might want to read the tags because you never know if you'll find something cool! (Get Info under the File Menu in iTunes) I assure that the ducking and ending at perfect moments in my closing segment was unintentional. I just happened to pause and finish at exact the right times in the song to make it funny, so I left it in as is! (I always pop in the music into GarageBand after I rant so I never know how it's going to sound...) I was going to play the entire song over like I usually do w/o me talking, but the timing was just right so I didn't!
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This week is part one of Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in St. Augustine, and part 3 of the ToV 3D film festival. Looking at the title, guess where we're going. Anyways it's late and I have to be at work at 7:30, so I'm going to bed. I might more add to this post tomorrow, I just need sleep now! Edit: Fixed the link! That's what happens when you post when exhausted!
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This week we take a take a look at Walt's predictions for entertainment and communication for 2006. After that we head to Universal Studios to take in our third movie in our 3D series, Shrek 3D. Shrek also happens to be my favorite out of all of the 3D movies in Orlando. It's just well done, and the detail in the queue is both well done and hilarious!
At the start, I promise audio from our trip to Ripley's Believe it or Not in St. Augustine, but I ran out of time and just tossed in a teaser at the end of one exhibit. I hate it when my shows are longer than 40 minutes. So I'll toss in more from Ripley's in the future. ;)
Links: BoingBoing Walt's Letter (PDF)
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This week was both fun and relaxing at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Since I did MuppetVision 3D last week, I decided that I'm going to make a series of it and feature all of the 3D movies in Orlando over the next few weeks! So of course this week we took in It's Tough to Be a Bug! After that the Vacation Fiancee <-(see two E's!) and I wandered aimlessly around Animal Kingdom and the Pangani Jungle Trek. I hope you enjoy it, I had fun making it. Wandering aimlessly around DAK is among my favorite things to do. DAK isn't about the "attractions", it's more about what's between point A and point B.
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I'm back with an all new show this week! Come with me as I complete a request from quite a few people, among them StrangeTikiGod from the DPN forums, as I go to MuppetVision 3D. Note: Jeff called "dibs" on the Muppet Pre-show, so this week I'm just playing the actual Show, and not the pre-show. Catch that on an upcoming episode of the Meandering Mouse Podcast!
After Muppetvision is perhaps the funniest moment in DPN History! Jeff from Houston meets Squirty The Snowman over at Winter Summerland Miniature Golf. The potty-mouthed women that you hear are both the Vacation Fiance and the Meandering Minnie, and SamZotto makes an appearance as well! I totally set Jeff up, and he took it hook line and sinker!
In between everything, are segments from New York Street at the Disney-MGM Studios (where I discover that it's a horrible place to record...) and the beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort!
Have fun!

Links that I mention:
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This week I ran myself ragged all week.  When people visit, it's fun but hectic around here with little or no time to relax!  It was a super fun week though, I got to meet Lou from Beyond Main Street, Byron and SamZotto from the DPN Forums, as well as hanging out a ton with the Meandering Mouse and Meandering Minnie, Jeff and Sally.  To top it all off, I have family in town that arrived on Thursday!!!

So I needed a night to myself to just sit on the couch, watch some TV and just veg...  Thankfully podcasting has a great tradition borrowed from mainstream media called the "Best of Show."  Join me as I go way back into the ToV archives to show #3!  We ride Pooh and Pirates at the Magic Kingdom.  It's really weird to see how much my show has progressed.  The Pirates portion is among my favorite segments ever, I hope you enjoy it as well!

Have fun!  

"They'll never stop ToV, have no fears, we've got stories for years
Like...Earl becomes a Robot, maybe Earl gets a cell phone
Has Earl ever owned a bear or... How 'bout a crazy wedding?
Where something happens and doo doo doo, doo doo
Sorry for the clip show... Have no fears, we've got stories for years..." -stolen from the Simpsons 2002

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This week I hit the Disney-MGM Studios and fulfill my first listener request - Tower of Terror! I'm a little late, it was a request that was made back in October or so by Holly from the Darcy and Holly show. After that I head across the park and give you a glimpse of what it's like to be a Studio Executive in Hollywood. Have fun!
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This week I take you along with myself, Jeff from Houston, and Patrick as we explore the Land Pavillion at Epcot. After that I hit IOA and mess with some Dino DNA! Note: Between 2-4 minutes there's nothing but silence... I'll repost a fix to this tonight (Monday) after I get home from work!
Links: The Darcy and Holly Show
Jonathan Coulton
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This is probably the most random show I've ever done! I start at Fort Wilderness, head to the MK and catch some Main Street Entertainment, head down the Walk around the World towards the Contemporary, find the Olkahoma City Bombing memorial bricks, head to Vegas courtesy of Pryd from the DPN forums, then hang out with the Meandering MOuse at Epcot! Holy Randomness Batman!!! I had fun, I hope you do too!
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This week we avoid the parks because of the Easter holiday chaos. Instead of the normal stuff, we went to the historic Bok sanctuary. Enjoy some nature, hear some history and sit bact and enjoy the music of the bell tower! My favorite song is around 28:30 or so! After Bok Tower, we head over to Spook Hill where you can stop your car on a line and it'll roll backwards up a small hill. It's really an amazing place!
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This week I continue the TOV Family Vacation and take the Vacation Munchkins on the Jungle Cruise and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin with a tiny segment from the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway tossed in for good measure! Two Notes:
1. The compression went wonky for the first coupla minutes, because I'm working on the "save the date" cards for the TOV Wedding, I wasn't able to go back and re-encode the show. It gets better as the show goes on, I promise!
B. First person who can tell me the inspiration for the intro wins a prize!
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This week is part one of the TOV Family Vacation. Actually I suppose last week's episode was since I took the munchkins on the Carousel.... Whatever! This week come along with me as I take the Vacation Niece and Nephew on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and we play the "Goat Game!" After that we take a ride on the Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed on 'it's a small world' love it or hate it, it's a classic attraction!
Note: Goat Cheazy on the DPN Forums pointed out that as of last week I actually had 31 shows and I miscounted! So that makes this 32... I'm not cheating and skipping numbers... ;) Links
Jonathan Coulton - Stroller Town
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Gotcha! April Fools!
My inbox has been flooded with "Thanks and Sorry to see you go!!" emails.
I figured that the song and Waynes World Audio would be enough to give away the gag, oops! Sorry!
Well I'm back! Never left actually! :)
This week I have a very interesting Illuminations show, and then Part 1 of the Trapped on Vacation Family Vacation with the (future) Vacation Niece and Nephew! Have fun!!!
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04/01/2006 - I've got bad news for Trapped on Vacation listeners....
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This week I get robbed while riding the Great Movie ride! It's the first time I've gone through the attraction since they updated the ending film a few months back. I'm really impressed with the new additions! There were some additions in the past that stood out like a sore thumb, but these were seamless! Well Done!
Show Links
Jonathan Coulton
Distorted View NOTE: Distorted View is offensive, VERY OFFENSIVE!!! The whole purpose of the show is to offend you!!!! If you don't want to be offended, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!!! You have been warned! :)
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This week I celebrate St. Patty's day a bit early as I take in a show of everyone's favorite Irish Band Off Kilter at Epcot. Well at least one member is Irish, the rest are from the Irish suburbs of Florida and Puerto Rico....
After that I take you over to Universal Studios to ride The Mummy!
Leave me a voicemail at 206-284-4TOV (206-284-4868)!!!

Show links:
The Darcy and Holly Show
The Disney Podcast Network Note: at approx 7:43 into the show, someone in the background swears! (not me this time!) It's just come to my attention that I missed an edit. Sorry about that! According to libsyn, I've already reached about 75% of my normal download rate, so I'm not going to post an edited version... Once again, I apologize!!!!!
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This week I wander around Epcot and take you to what used to be one of my favorite attractions featuring everyone's favorite dragon-like creature Figment! I looked forward and kept my head straight just like Paul Barrie suggested, so if my Haunted Mansion audio made your head spin you should be ok with this. After that we have about a four minute musical interlude from Soarin'....
Everything gets wrapped up in the end with the 7th Inning Stretch fome the Detroit Tigers Spring Training game vs the Braves. I didn't mention: Visit the Disney Podcast Network Forums and checkout all of your favorite Disney Podcasts!
Welcome to the Micecast!
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This week brings big news! Jeff from Houston over at the Meandering Mouse has started the Disney Podcast Network, and Trapped on Vacation is proud to be a part of it! Click Here to check it out! Note: In this show whenever I say "we" or "us" I mean "the Network" not that I did any of the work... That's all Jeff!
Anyways... this week I take you on a classic Universal Studios Attraction that has it's roots way back in the 1964 World's Fair, then Jeff takes us on an excellent Coaster at Disney's California Adventure! I wrap it all up with an explosive finale on the vacation Home Patio! (all using NASA Technology!)
Have fun!

The Disney Podcast Network
The Meandering Mouse
Beyond Main Street
Window to the Magic
Park Hopping Podcast
The Comedy4cast
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This week I take you around the World, from Italy to the Magic Kingdom and back again! From now on I'll be using some very old, yet cool technology to record the show. Listen with headphones and you'll understand. Check out our new Forums thanks to Jeff from Houston who kindly popped up a ToV forum at the Meandering Mouse site (a proud member of the Smart Ass Theme Park Network!)
Note: For some odd reason iTunes on my end listed the show length as over 2 hours! I assure you that it's about 30 minutes! No clue why it said that...

The Trapped on Vacation Forum
The Meandering Mouse Podcast
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Hey! This week I take you on a ride around the Backlot of the Disney-MGM Studios, featuring Catastrophe Canyon. After that I head to Universal Studio's Mardi Gras Celebration where Kid Rock performed.
Note: There's about 30 seconds that is not family friendly or work safe. I give plenty of warning in the show so you can fast forward if you need to. It's just 30 seconds, actually less than that...
Have fun!
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It's that time again! Time for another strange trip through Orlando! First I take you to Old Town to visit the Wax Museum and ride the Roller Coaster, then Jeff takes you to Norway! Note: I was testing my headset microphone, so it's a bit fuzzy at first, but it gets better!!!!

By the way, just like Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy spun off of Happy Days (How the hell did Mork spin from Happy Days? One's in the Midwest and the other is in Colorado???) Anyways back on track...
Yep, Jeff's spinning away from ToV and heading to The Meandering Mouse Podcast where he'll be doing his own personal spin on the Disney thing!
Congrats and Good Luck Jeff!!!
He'll still be popping in from time to time to keep us in the loop of course! So go over there, subscribe and add him to your playlist!
Old Town
Music in the park:
Project 3-Mix - Put it on Wax
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Trapped with Jeff in WDW! This episode is 99.9% Jeff on his trip to WDW last week. He gives an interesting and funny review of Dinkel Lacker Dark (one of my favorite beers on the planet... dark and rich but not heavy!) and then takes us along on a soundseeing tour of Expedition Everest and the surrounding areas. Toss in some of my mindless babbling and you have yourself a show! Have fun!
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Hi everyone! This week I'm on vacation in Keystone, CO, and Jeff is on Vacation in Orlando at WDW... But through the magic of podcasting, Jeff's bringing us stuff from Disneyland, and I'm taking you to both Islands of Adventure and Tubing down a mountain in Keystone! For some weird and wacky reason, Jeff's segment has some compression that makes him a bit garbled. It wasn't like this when he sent it to me! Something happened with the compression that I really don't have time to fix here because I'm on vacation! (Please forgive me!) Have fun!
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As far as I know, I'm the first podcast to feature ride throughs from both Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Monsters Inc from Disney's California Adventure! I rode Everest last night during DAK Cast Previews, and Jeff rode Monsters Inc last week during soft opening.
So pull on your parka, open your closet door, and come along for the ride!
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Trapped with Bill Paxton This week we head (again) to Universal Studios to take in one of the worst attractions in Orlando, which happens to be one of my favorites because of the cheesy and horrible narration by Bill Paxton. Yep, be prepared to "Ride it out!" as I take you to Twister! Note: I used GarageBand 3 to create this enhanced AAC podcast with notes and images in the file. If you have problems listening to it, and aren't using iTunes or an iPod, let me know and I'll switch it back to an MP3.
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Hi my name is Earl and welcome to Trapped on Vacation! This week comes from IOA where you can get in free on Thursdays in January if your name is Earl! We attempt fo fulfill a request for Steve in England as we ride Spiderman at IOA. There's also some great audio from Jeff on Alice in Wonderland at DL, and some exciting news! Have fun!
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Happy New Year!!!!! This week I have a song that'll probably send me to Disney hell because of my horrible singing! I also talk about the AAA WDW Car Care Center and the Big Bamboo Lounge. We also hit the west coast again as Jeff rides Dumbo at Disneyland! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday season! We have a ton of stuff planned for2006! Thanks for joining in our adventure!
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