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Get Trapped on Vacation and experience "Real Life Adventures" in the Plastic Playground known as Central Florida!

Come along and play in Walt Disney World, and also venture out of the "Disney Bubble" and explore other popular attractions in the #1 Vacation Destination in the World!

We're not a news or an opinion podcast, we're 100% about living, playing, & having a beer or three right in the middle of the magic! 

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Feb 12, 2006

It's that time again! Time for another strange trip through Orlando! First I take you to Old Town to visit the Wax Museum and ride the Roller Coaster, then Jeff takes you to Norway! Note: I was testing my headset microphone, so it's a bit fuzzy at first, but it gets better!!!!
By the way, just like Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy spun off of Happy Days (How the heck did Mork spin from Happy Days? One's in the Midwest and the other is in Colorado???) Anyways back on track...
Yep, Jeff's spinning away from ToV and heading to The Meandering Mouse Podcast where he'll be doing his own personal spin on the Disney thing!
Congrats and Good Luck Jeff!!!
He'll still be popping in from time to time to keep us in the loop of course! So go over there, subscribe and add him to your playlist!
Old Town
Music in the park:
Project 3-Mix - Put it on Wax

sixteen and a half years ago

England is the only European monarchy still using its regalia for the consecration ceremony of crowning the Sovereign. At Westminster Abbey, where William I was the first monarch to be crowned, the Sovereign is escorted to the Coronation Chair (used at every coronation since 1300) by individuals carrying the processional regalia.

These include two of the royal maces, three swords (representing Mercy, Spiritual Justice and Temporal Justice, they were probably made for Charles I\'s coronation), the Great Sword of State (symbolising the Sovereign\'s royal authority) and St Edward\'s Staff (dating from 1661).