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Jan 24, 2007

This week Trapped on Vacation gets attacked by the Evil Pause Button of Death!!!

All day on Thursday I kept accidentally pausing while recording.  Did I ever learn my lesson???   H3ll no!!!  Why?  Because I’m an idiot… 


Actually I was having too much fun hanging out with Auntie Lo and SilverJeeper (plus the Bleepin’ Wife of course) that I just wasn’t paying attention.

So this week we hit Big Thunder, followed by the biggest pause button disappointment of the day (18 seconds of heartache.)  We then head on over and get our Buzz on in Tomorrowland.


This week is also the first installment of DrDuck’s trip to Tokyo Disney Resort!  When I met him and his family at Epcot a few months ago, he gave me literally hours of audio. I’ve finally been able to begin going through it.  Over the next few weeks, months, years, etc, I’ll be sharing his wonderful trip a few minutes at a time.  It’s really incredible stuff, and his family is great!!! 


Ending things this week is a segment from this week’s episode of the Teknikal Difficulties Podcast.  Sketch Comedy featuring the Main Street Electrical Parade.  It cracked me up so much that I had to email Cayenne to ask him if I could play it.  Thankfully he said yes!


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Teknikal Difficulties Podcast –

Steve Swanson
fifteen and a half years ago


I\'m a huge fan of Trapped on Vacation!! I\'m actually starting my own podcast (not Disney unfortunately), but I have some general podcasting questions that maybe you can help me with. I too am on libsyn, and you can get a technical on me as you want, I\'m a programmer so you aren\'t gonna lose me :) . Mainly what I\'m wondering is, how can I get my show to return on a Google search, and in iTunes? I\'ve submitted my libsyn feed to iTunes in the iTMS \"Submit a Podcast\" link two days ago, but have not seen my show, well, show up when I search for it. Any tips? Thanks man!

Host of the Music is a Drug Podcast