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Want to know what it's like to live in a Vacation Playground? Get Trapped on Vacation! All Theme Parks all the time! Disney World, Universal, Sea World and much more! Listen like you live here!
This week brings big news! Jeff from Houston over at the Meandering Mouse has started the Disney Podcast Network, and Trapped on Vacation is proud to be a part of it! Click Here to check it out! Note: In this show whenever I say "we" or "us" I mean "the Network" not that I did any of the work... That's all Jeff!
Anyways... this week I take you on a classic Universal Studios Attraction that has it's roots way back in the 1964 World's Fair, then Jeff takes us on an excellent Coaster at Disney's California Adventure! I wrap it all up with an explosive finale on the vacation Home Patio! (all using NASA Technology!)
Have fun!

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